Sleep Consultation for You and Your Family

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Our Certified Sleep Consultant will work with you and your family to tailor a plan that fits your parenting approach and individual needs. With expertise in both sleep and behavior analysis, Sara takes a comprehensive approach to help you solve issues associated with falling asleep and staying asleep.


O U R  A P P R O A C H

Finding What Works

Our sleep coach will gather information about your family and the aspects of sleep that are difficult for your child. You’ll receive a treatment plan that is individualized to your family’s specific needs. You’ll have a virtual consultation to review the treatment plan, ask questions, and talk through any concerns or unique situations. The sleep coach will provide daily support via text or email. 

Of primary importance is your parenting style. We want to ensure the sleep plan we develop fits in with your lifestyle and is a plan you're comfortable carrying out. We take into consideration cultural differences of our clients, different sleep routines, as well as different approaches to parenting. It's important that you're open with your sleep coach so she can build a plan that best fits your needs!

Baby Sleeping

A B O U T  O U R  S L E E P  C O A C H

Sara Davis

Sara is a certified Sleep Consultant and Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). She has a Bachelor's degree in Speech Pathology and a Master’s degree in Behavior Analysis. Sara has worked in schools, homes, and clinic settings. During her early career as a behavior analyst Sara specialized in teaching communication and school readiness skills to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 


Through her work, Sara observed many families struggling with sleep. Children were resisting bedtime, waking in the middle of the night or waking up too early, which resulted in restless nights and increased stress for parents. Her interest in helping these families led her to study behavior analytic research on sleep training and then to pursue certification in sleep training. As a sleep consultant, Sara applies her insight as a BCBA to gently shape sleep routines and make environmental changes that produce successful results without inducing stress and anxiety for the children she treats. Sara is committed to finding an approach that works for your family and fits with your parenting philosophy.


N E X T  S T E P S

Where Do I Start?

Our Sleep Consultant is trained to work with the following children:

  • Age 4 months - 12 years old

  • Children that have difficulty falling asleep

  • Children that have difficulty staying asleep

  • Children with autism and other developmental delays

  • Children with interfering behaviors

  • Children adjusting to a new sleep routine (i.e. a new sibling, transitioning from a crib to a bed, moving to a new room)


We have several packages available to best suit your family's needs. These packages are designed to vary based on the level of support you'd like our sleep consultant to provide. We are also able to create customized packages.

If you're ready to get started, fill out an intake form to let us know a little more about your child's needs. 

S L E E P  P A C K A G E S

Customized Packages Available Upon Request

Package A

  • Individualized treatment plan

  • 2-hour virtual treatment plan review and training appointment

  • Daily review of sleep logs for 14 days

  • 15 minute phone call or email (your preference) once a day for 14 days for ongoing support

  • 1 hour of virtual or phone consultation for maintenance to be used within 6 months of purchase

Package B

  • Individualized treatment plan

  • 1-hour virtual meeting to review plan and answer questions

  • Daily review of sleep logs for 7 days

  • 15 minute phone call or email (your preference) once a day for 7 days for ongoing support

Package C

  • Tips and Strategies guide

  • 30 minute phone call

  • 15 minute phone call or email (your preference) once a day for 3 days for ongoing support