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Dominika & Rebecca

Dominika and Rebecca met in graduate school in Washington, D.C.  They shared a passion for Applied Behavior Analysis and providing comprehensive services to families in the D.C. area. 


Rebecca and Dominika founded The Language and Behavior Center in 2017 with the mission of providing exceptional services to clients while also fostering a unique company culture that is supportive of employees and encourages continuous growth and development.  Focusing on living-wages, unmatched benefits, and a positive work environment resulted in the current team of highly-trained and motivated professionals that make up The Language and Behavior Center today. 


With their own families and children, Dominika and Rebecca truly understand what it means to want the best for your child and are committed to providing that to every family they work with.

O U R  A P P R O A C H

Learning through Play

The Language and Behavior Center believes that a child's natural environment is the best place for them to learn.  By incorporating learning opportunities in to play, the child is less resistant to therapy and enjoys their ABA or Speech Therapy sessions. 

TLBC's evidence-based treatment is built on a foundation of parent involvement. From the start of services, parents are trained on techniques that will allow their child to flourish outside of a therapy setting.

M E E T  O U R  C L I N I C A L  T E A M


Rebecca Correll, LBA, BCBA

Founder & CEO

Rebecca has been providing Behavior Analysis services, with an emphasis on Verbal Behavior, since 2005. Her work has primarily focused on in-home Applied Behavior Analysis services for children with autism and related diagnoses.  As a mother herself, Rebecca values working closely with families to develop treatment plans that fit within their day-to-day lives and ensuring that families feel supported throughout the treatment process.

Rebecca currently holds a Master's of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology as well as Bachelor's of Science in International Business and Finance from the University of South Carolina.  She is currently working towards her PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology at George Mason University.

When she's not working, Rebecca enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, as well as taking her dog, Fenway, on adventures.  She can often be found enjoying wine and cheese with TLBC's cofounder, Dominika.


Dominika Sillery, LBA, BCBA

Founder & Chief Clinical Officer

Dominika began her career in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in 2012, although she has been interested in a career that involves helping children and families for as long as she can remember.

Dominika received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Central Connecticut State University in 2012. She began graduate school that same year, where she studied Applied Behavior Analysis and worked as a Behavior Technician. In 2014, she graduated with her Master of Science in ABA from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Since then, she has worked as a Behavior Analyst in the DMV area, with a primary focus on early intervention services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

During her time in graduate school, Dominika met Rebecca Correll, and so began the lasting friendship and professional partnership that formed TLBC in 2017.

In her spare time, Dominika likes to cook, travel, and spend time with her family. 

Shannon Fitzpatrick, LBA, BCBA

Clinical Director

Shannon began her career in ABA working with a Licensed Psychologist and BCBA-D implementing ABA in school and home settings. She then went on to work in-home in Virginia while completing her Master’s degree in ABA at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She earned her BCBA in 2017.


Shannon spent the two years before joining TLBC working in an early intervention clinic with a focus on verbal behavior. During this time, she discovered a passion for early intervention and mentoring future BCBAs. Shannon joined the TLBC team in June 2019 and is extremely excited to be reunited with her friends and to build new relationships.


Outside of work, she loves trying new exercise classes, watching British TV shows, hiking with her husband and dog, and reading a good book.

Mariah McLane

ABA Program Coordinator

Mariah began working at TLBC as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) in 2019, but has since taken on the role of the ABA Program Coordinator. After graduating with two undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Sociology from Mount St. Mary’s University, Mariah was eager to begin her challenging and rewarding work at TLBC.  

As an ABA Program Coordinator, Mariah has the privilege to work with the families that TLBC provides services to while simultaneously learning from her clinical supervisors. She is grateful to wake up each day and do meaningful and essential work for the ASD community. 

In Mariah’s free time, she enjoys time with her two fur babies, Wrangler and Hunny. In addition to this, she enjoys trying new foods, traveling with her family and binge watching scary movies.

Elizabeth Hughes LBA, BCBA

Clinical Supervisor

Elizabeth has been working with children with Autism since 2012 in the home, community, and school settings. She has worked with clients ranging in ages from 2 to 21 years on language acquisition, decreasing maladaptive behaviors, social skills groups, and vocational training. Elizabeth also enjoys developing trainings for parents, staff, and school professionals. Elizabeth attended Coastal Carolina University where she earned a B.S. in Psychology and then continued to Ball State University where she earned her M.A. in Applied Behavior Analysis. Elizabeth is credentialed as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed to provide services in Maryland and Virginia.

Aliza Sial, LBA, BCBA

Clinical Supervisor

Aliza joined The Language and Behavior Center in July of 2018.  She received her Master’s in Psychology from Boston University with a focus on Child/Adolescent Developmental Psychology. She has over eight years experience working with children, adolescents, and adults with Autism. Her areas of interest include social skills and verbal behavior.

Tyler Bond, LBA, BCBA

Clinical Supervisor

Tyler Bond is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) in Maryland. Tyler currently works as a Remote Clinical Supervisor with The Language and Behavior Center.  He has 10 years of experience working with children diagnosed with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities.  Tyler is originally from Canton, Ohio but currently resides in Beaufort, South Carolina. Tyler began his career working at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism after graduating from John Carroll University. Tyler has worked in various settings including schools, homes, community sites, and clinics. Within these settings, Tyler has worked with children from 18 months through adulthood.

Sara Davis, LBA, BCBA

Clinical Supervsior

Sara began her career in ABA as a behavior therapist while earning a Bachelor’s degree in Hearing and Speech Sciences from the University of Maryland. She went on to complete a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Ball State University, then earned her BCBA certification in 2015. 

Sara has worked as a BCBA in clinic, home and school settings. Her focus has been in early intervention, working with young learners and their families to increase language, functional life skills, and social skills. She developed a passion for teaching parents and caregivers how to use ABA to promote meaningful change for their children and their families.

Outside of work, Sara enjoys practicing yoga, exploring new hiking trails, and spending time with her friends and family.

Rebecca Murray, LBA, BCBA

Clinical Supervsior

Prior to starting her career in ABA, Rebecca studied psychology at Colgate University and worked in a brain imaging lab at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia examining brain activity in children with ASD. She received her Masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education with a concentration in ABA from Vanderbilt University in 2018. She has worked within preschool classrooms in various roles, and has provided center-based and home-based services as well. Her love for teaching play skills stems from her time at Vanderbilt spent working for faculty who were involved in play research. She is also passionate about research and advocacy for early screening and diagnostic practices for ASD.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys being active by hiking new trails and working out at the gym and pool. She likes to try new restaurants and enjoys cooking, especially Italian food. 

Kendra Michael, LBA, BCBA

Clinical Supervsior

Kendra is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) in Maryland. 


Kendra received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Mathematics from Virginia State University in 2015. Kendra began her career in ABA as a behavior therapist in 2016. She went on to complete a Masters in ABA in December of 2019 from Georgia State University, then earned her BCBA certification in 2019. Kendra is beginning a PhD program in School Psychology at Howard University in August 2019. 


Kendra has worked within multiple settings including clinic, home, and school. She has experience conducting intensive toilet training and mild feeding programs. Her focus has been working with young learners in the classroom setting. She has a passion for bridging the gap for young learners to succeed within their communities. Kendra is passionate about advocating for her students needs. 


Kendra enjoys traveling to new cities, trying new foods, kickboxing, and spending time with her family and friends. 

Dina Khair, LBA, BCBA

Clinical Supervsior

Dina is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA) in Maryland and Virginia. Her experience in ABA began in 2007, and in 2008 she attained her post-graduate certificate in Behavioral Intervention in Autism from the University of Massachusetts – Lowell. In 2014, she went on to earn her master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with an Emphasis in Autism from Ball State University. 

Dina has worked in school and home settings as well as center-based programs. Her professional interests include treatment of problem behavior, verbal behavior and social skills training.

Toni Rose Agana, LBA, BCBA

Clinical Supervsior

Toni Rose began her career in behavior analysis in 2015 in Dallas, TX, at a clinic for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. She then moved to Boston, MA, where she received an M.S. in Behavior Analysis from Simmons College. During her time in Boston, Toni Rose worked closely under Emily Sweeney-Kerwin, a BCBA-D, who trained her in the verbal behavior approach.


Toni Rose's experiences include working with children in the home and clinic settings. She values using the verbal behavior approach and the conditions of motivation to teach language and skills to her clients, families, and RBTs.

Monica Phillips, LBA, BCBA

Clinical Supervisor

Monica began her career in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2008 as a line therapist. With a major in psychology and a minor in education, Monica knew she was very interested in working with children.


Monica received her Bachelor of Arts in Experimental Psychology from the University of South Carolina in 2007. It was shortly after graduating that Monica was introduced to the world of Applied Behavior Analysis by Rebecca Correll and has been in love with it ever since. Monica has experience conducting ABA sessions in a variety of places, including homes, schools, churches, and aftercare programs. She has worked with children and adults of various ages, but her primary area of focus is early learners and signers.

In 2016, Monica graduated from Arizona State University with a Masters in Special Education and Curriculum Studies and went on to becomes a BCBA in February 2019. 


In her spare time Monica can be found playing dungeons and dragons, creating make up tutorials, and spending time with friends and family.

Erin Simpson, CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Erin is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. She lives about 30 minutes outside of Boston, Massachusetts. 


Erin received her Bachelor of Science degree from the College of the Holy Cross in 2011. She graduated with a self-designed major, “Language Acquisition and Culture,” which included coursework in Deaf Studies and American Sign Language. Erin then attended Syracuse University for graduate school, where she received her Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Since then, Erin has worked as a Speech Language Pathologist in the Boston area. Although she has a primary focus with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing population, Erin has experienced working with children and young adults with a wide range of communication disorders.

Debbie Martinez, CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Debbie has been working with children with disabilities since 2009.  She has experience providing applied behavior analysis and bilingual speech-language therapy services in the home, school, and clinical settings.  She received her undergraduate degree from University of Maryland, College Park and her graduate degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  She is currently a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist in Maryland.  When she’s not working, Debbie enjoys outdoor activities and staying active.

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