Developmental Support for Children & Families

Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech Therapy, Social Skills Groups and more

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Our Team of Experts

The Language and Behavior Center is comprised of Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Speech-Language Pathologists, and Registered Behavior Technicians trained to ensure your family has all of the tools to support your child's development.


The Language and Behavior Center is proud to provide the following comprehensive services that are individualized to meet your family's needs

All of our services are provided by highly trained professionals and involve a collaborative approach with families and schools 


Applied Behavior Analysis

TLBC is committed to the highest quality ABA services.  We utilize a verbal behavior approach to teach play, language, and social skills in the child's natural environment.

Speech Therapy

Our speech-language pathologists provide individually tailored speech therapy to children with children with a variety of communication disorders.


Parents Recommend

Social Skills Groups

Our weekend social skills groups foster a collaborative environment among peers.  Focused on cooperation, participation, and communication, we create a nurturing space to practice social skills.

Parent Consultation

TLBC recognizes that every parent faces unique challenges that come with raising a child.  We offer evidence-based guidance and support to help you on your parenting journey.

Potty Training

Sometimes kids need extra support to meet this milestone, which is where we come in!  We tailor potty training programs to your family's schedule and lifestyle to make it as seamless as possible.

IEP Support

Through observations of your child and collaboration with his or her teachers, we ensure IEP goals are individualized to meet your child's areas of need.

Sleep Consultation

Sleep is essential for your child's developing brain! We provide evidence-based and developmentally appropriate sleep services to children of all ages.

BCBA Resources

TLBC is an ACE provider with monthly CEU opportunities for BCBAs. Contact us if you're interested in attending one of our CEU events!

Play Experts

Not your ordinary caregiver - our play experts are trained in child development and positive behavior support. You can relax knowing your child is engaged in fun, developmentally appropriate, and engaging play.

Virtual Resources

We know virtual learning wasn't the plan for anyone, but here we are! With experience providing remote supervision, TLBC is equipped to offer the highest quality virtual services. We are continuously expanding our telehealth resources for staff and clients as well as offering all services virtually!


The Language and Behavior Center is committed to sharing best-practice parenting strategies. We tackle some important parenting and caregiver topics in our blogs!